Sunday, 24 November 2013


Calling this one done now, time for something new!.....thinking maybe an exterior or interior environment, or both! :D

 Here are some close up shots.

And some steps, more can be seen throughout the rest of the blog.


  1. looks nice! only thing i noticed though is that the pillars in the foreground are a bit flat looking. I think a slight highlight of reflected light going up the left dark edge would help them pop a bit!

  2. Cheers Celia, Ive been going back into the painting and making some changes....its looking a little better but still not great! still need to work on making those pillars less flat though! Thanks for the feedback :)

  3. get on to gurney's colour and light book, it goes over form principle and stuff, helps you analyse it all better :)

    1. Yeahh! think I'm going to get a load of books for Christmas this year as a present for myself haha :D of to Amazon i go..... :)