Monday, 28 October 2013

Game Project WIP

Something a little different for this blog post!
Ive been messing around with RPG Maker VX Ace for a while now and decided to start making something a while ago after i brainstormed some ideas and concepts.

I initially went with something quite complicated that snowballed out of control... so i scrapped that project and went with something i thought was much more simple and managable.

Even though i went with something simple again it has still developed into something a little more complex along with more detailed artwork.... but meh! i want to make it look simple but nice!

Here is an initial concept i drew up... not actually for anything, more just to get an idea of how i could use pixel blocks and just duplicate them to make an environment quickly and efficiently! :)
I  then starting blocking out some area of the game.
After this step i then began to work out how i wanted the world to look... this is where i got carried away but i guess it sets the visual level straight away for the rest of the game to aim towards. There still things i want to do but that could all be done on a final sweep.

Here's two screenshots of what i have worked on so far. 

 (Ignore the characters in there.. just placeholder)

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